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When browsing through the photos in an album (using the Next and Previous buttons), if you click on the photo you can see the full size, then use the “Back” button on your browser to return to browsing. Many of the photos appear off-center with people cut off in the single picture preview when browsing an album due to the size of the photo exceeding the preview pane. Clicking on the photo one more time will open the photo in a full display window. Please pass along any photos you would like us to post.

Mall Display
Mall Display 2009
Mall Display 2010
Mall Display 2011


Turkey Shoot 2007
WL Turkey Shoot 2011
Shoot-A-Rama 2011
Spring Turkey Shoot 2012

Black Powder
Some History
Cariboo Muzzle Loaders 2009

Family Fishing Day 2009
Family Fishing Day 2010
Family Fishing Day 2011
Family Fishing Day 2012
Family Fishing Day 2013
Family Fishing Day 2014
Family Fishing Day 2015
Family Fishing Day 2016
Family Fishing Day 2017

An assortment of photos
2017 Combined Shoot


Hand Gun
Handgun Gong Shoot June 21 2009
Handgun Gong Shoot July 13 2009
Alien Invasion Aug. 2011


High Power 2006
Hunter Gong Shoot
Big Game Gong Shoot 2011 – June
Big Game Gong Shoot 2011 – July

Ladies Day
Ladies Day 2010
Ladies Day 2011 – June
Ladies Day 2011 – August
Ladies Day 2012 – June

Jr./Sr. .22


August 2013