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Dec 1

2017 Christmas Cheer Shoot

Posted on Friday, December 1, 2017 in Events, Shotgun

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Sep 26

Turkey Shoot

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 in Events, Shotgun

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Sep 5

Trap Awards

Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 in Shotgun

Despite the rain, there was excitement today on the shotgun range when Ryan Hunik shot 25 straight, earning a badge,

and followed it up with a second badge for 50 in a row!

Great shooting must run in the family because his father, Dan Hunik, shot 25 last time. Congratulations to both!

Apr 13


Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017 in Shotgun

2017 Shooting Schedule;

Trap practices run every Sunday at 1 PM unless there is an event that bumps it.

Call Gord Johnston at 250-249-5411 if you have any questions.

Scheduled Trap Shoots;
Turkey Shoot – April 30th
Sporting Clays Shoot – July 15, 16 CANCELLED

Printable Score sheets.

Apr 13

2017 Sporting Clays Shoot – CANCELLED

Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017 in Events, Shotgun

Quesnel Rod and Gun Club Trap Section has decided to cancel the Sporting Clay Shoot scheduled for Saturday and Sunday July 15th and 16th due to the wildfires.

Apr 11

Turkey Shoot April 30

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 in Events, Shotgun

Turkey Shoot

Open to Everyone!!!


Where: Quesnel Rod & Gun Club
Sunday April 30, 2017
9 AM Start

How:  Trap/Shotgun Shooting

(10 shots/event)

Prizes:  Turkeys, Hams, Cash

Events:  Trap, Buddy-Shoots, & Annie Oakleys

Cost:  $5/event

Squads available for New, Intermediate & Expert shooters

Beginners Encouraged!!


For More Info;

Gord Johnston 250-249-5677
Club house    250-249 5411



What else should you know?
** Firearm – Shotgun only (12 Gauge max).
** Winners will move back 2 yards for every event they win.
** Shoot-Offs to determine winner of ties.** Supplies and loaner guns available on site.** Many prizes to be awarded.

Printable PDF Poster.



Apr 20

10 Person Buddy Shoot

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 in Shotgun

To start, 10 people with varying degrees of skill sign up.


Then all the names are drawn to form random pairs.


The teams then take their places on the 27 yard line.


·     For the first target the shooter standing on the left calls for the bird and then tries to hit it.  If he misses, then his partner shoots at it and hopefully hits it.

·     If one of them hits it, they gain a point.  

·     If the first shooter hits it and then the trigger happy partner also shoots at it, they lose the point.  

·     If they both miss, they lose the point.


This process is repeated down the line until pair 1 has their turn again.  This time the shooter on the right calls for the bird and shoots first.


The process starts again once all the teams have shot at 2 birds and moved to the next station.


At the end, the team with the most points out of 10 wins.  Each partner gets a prize.


In the case of a tie between 2 or more teams, the team with the lowest starting station will pick a spot to commence the shoot off.  If both teams make it through the first spot, then the second team picks a spot.  This picking a spot alternates until a team has won the shoot off.

Apr 20

Paper Turkey

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 in Shotgun

On a standard size piece of paper is a picture of a Turkey with 25 circles drawn overtop of it. Each circle is numbered. To enter to win a turkey, write your name in one of the numbered circles and then write your name on the back of the page on the line that corresponds to the number of the circle with your name in it.


This target is blasted by a 12 gauge shotgun. The person who’s name is on the circle that ends up with the most pellet holes will win a large frozen turkey.

Cost is $1/circle.  Ask the front desk to mark you down on their ledger.


You may enter more than once to increase your odds.




Apr 20

Big Buddy Shoot

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 in Shotgun


(A team elimination event)


You may enter this event between 1 and 10 times.  You pay $5/entry.  When you sign up you must indicate how many times you would like to enter.


After everyone has signed up, we put all the names in a hat and start drawing random pairs.


All the teams are then written down on a list as they are drawn and that determines the shooting order.


The first team on the list decides where the initial shooting position will be.  This is usually back further than 27 yards.


The teams are called out to take their place to shoot.  Shooter 1 calls for the bird and shoots at it.  If he misses then his partner shoots at it.  If they hit it, they are not crossed off the list.  If the first shooter hits the target, but the trigger happy partner also shoots, they are crossed off the list.  If both shooters miss, they are crossed off the list.


Eventually everyone on the list gets a chance to shoot and the list is reduced in size.  Once they get back to the top of the list, the first team still remaining on this list picks a position to shoot from.  The shooting process is repeated down the remaining list, but the 2nd shooter shoots first in even numbered rounds.


This process is repeated until there are only 2 teams left.  They shoot until one team misses and there is a definite winner.  The 1st place team is paid 70% of the entry fees collected (minus 2nd place entry fees) and the 2nd place team have their entry fees refunded.

Apr 20

Annie Oakley

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 in Shotgun

(A game of elimination) 

To start, everyone who wants to enter puts their name on the sign up list. Following sign-up, everyone lines up behind the 27 yard line.  The first 4 or 5 people raise their loaded guns and point towards the  concrete trap house.  The person on the left calls for the bird and tries to hit it.  If he hits it, no-one else should shoot.  If someone is trigger happy and does shoot, they lose one life and move to the end of the line.

The contest resumes with the person to the right of the last person to hit the target calling for the bird.  Same thing again.  4 to 5 people have raised their guns and try to hit the target.  If the first person misses the bird, then the second person takes a shot at it.  If the second person misses then the third person shoots, and so on, until the fourth or fifth person has taken the shot or the bird has hit the ground.  If no-one hits the bird, the next person down the line from the original shooter takes the first shot.


If the third person to shoot at the bird hits it, and then the trigger happy fourth person takes a shot, this means that the first, second and fourth persons lose a life and move to the end of the line, maintaining the order that they were standing in previously.  The person standing to the right of the person who hit the bird is the first to start the process again.


If two people shoot at the same time and the bird breaks and it is not easily determined who broke the bird, then the second person is out, since they should have waited for their turn.  If the bird does not break, no harm, no foul, don’t do it again.


If shooters 1 and 2 miss, 3 does not shoot and number 4 fires and breaks the target, then only number 4 is out.  Number 4 shot out of turn and the next in line to shoot is number 2.  If number 4 missed, then we start back at number 2 with no-one out.   


After being knocked out twice, you leave the line-up altogether.  You are done participating in this contest.


There will be a prize awarded for every 5 people that enter.  For example, if 30 people enter, 6 prizes are awarded.  The last six people will each win a prize.