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Sep 22

ATV Usage, Road Closures and Fire Ban UPDATES

Posted on Friday, September 22, 2017 in Action Center, Newsletters

Off-road vehicle prohibitions rescinded throughout B.C



Road Closures – An update from Al Martin of the BCWF
From: Alan Martin []
Sent: September 20, 2017 2:10 PM
Subject: Road Closures Heads Up

I have been advised the road closures recommendation for the Cariboo will be
no hunting from vehicles by
licenced hunters off FS roads in burn areas. This included all LEH, but not
FSC within traditional territories.
In other parts of the province it will be recommended ATV closures within
burn areas.


Campfire Ban

May 2

Map to our Facility

Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 in Announcements, Membership, Newsletters

After several requests we have finally got a map to our facility posted here. There is also a link to a printable PDF version as well. I have also taken the liberty of adding the link to the printable PDF to our Home page, About page, and Contacts page, so it should be easy to find.


Quesnel Rod and Gun Club Map

Click for printable PDF.

Feb 8

Membership and General Inquiries

Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 in Membership, Newsletters

Quesnel Rod and Gun Club

Membership Renewal and General Inquires

At the Quesnel Rod and Gun Club we are always looking forward to having new and old members join and enjoy the club and facilities. Whether you are joining the club for the first time or the 50th time, we would like to ask that you please consider a few things when renewing your membership or looking for general inquiries about the club.

For Membership please contact the following folks directly at the below listed contact numbers and arrange a time with them to get your membership taken care of. While these folks are always happy to assist, it is important that we respect their time and that we do not disturb them outside of this channel such as at their places of business.

  • Bob Monk at 250-992-3101
  • Chris Reinhold at  250-255-9959

For general club inquiries please contact the following folks below:

  • Bob Monk – President 250-992-3101
  • Chris Reinhold – Vice President 250-255-9959

If you wish to contact any one of our directors, you are also welcome to email any of us at the below addresses: (Send in your Agenda Items for an upcoming meeting). (President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer) (Executive and the Board of Directors) (Find out when PAL and RPAL courses are being offered by Instructors that are active members.)

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you out at the club.


Chris Reinhold



Jun 24

Bill C 42 FAQs

Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 in Action Center, Newsletters

Just received a FAQ sheet for Bill C-42, has some good info on it.

Nov 13

Airguns are now Firearms

Posted on Thursday, November 13, 2014 in Action Center, Newsletters

Date:  Thursday, November 13, 2014


On Wednesday, November 5, the Supreme Court of Canada issued its ruling R. v. Dunn, finding that most air guns are considered “firearms” for all purposes in the Criminal Code except for licensing and registration.

The Court affirmed the previous decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, which itself had overruled a decade of its own jurisprudence in finding that air guns are “firearms”. Prior to this case, the courts had held that air guns are not treated as “firearms” unless they are used for some offensive or unlawful purpose.

This decision applies to all air guns that are capable of causing serious bodily injury or death. Most courts have found that any air gun with a velocity of more than 214 feet-per-second meets this threshold. The vast majority of air guns sold across the country are capable of such a velocity.

This decision will have numerous significant impacts on those who buy and use air guns lawfully in Canada.

First of all, the Criminal Code provisions regarding careless storage, use and transportation of firearms now apply to air guns. Therefore, it is an offence to store or transport an air gun in a “careless” manner. However, because the ordinary firearms Storage Regulations do not apply to air guns, air gun owners are left with absolutely no guidance as to what precisely constitutes careless storage of an air gun.

It will be left up to police, prosecutors and courts to determine what charges will be laid, which will be prosecuted and ultimately who will be found guilty of this nebulous and ambiguous offence.

Moreover, as air gun owners do not require a license or a firearms safety course to possess these items, law-abiding Canadians will not be put on notice of the new legal requirements for air gun use, storage, transportation, etc.

Secondly, the offence of “carrying a concealed weapon” now applies to air guns, regardless of whether or not the air gun owner acts in an otherwise lawful manner. Placing an air gun in a backpack, a pocket or other concealed place will now be a criminal offence.

As the Supreme Court has ruled on this issue, the only route forward is through legislative amendment. Canada’s National Firearms Association has been extremely active on this front and will continue to pressure the government and provide all assistance in order to see that this decision be responded to by Parliament.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest and most effective advocacy organization representing the interests of firearms owners and users.